General Contracting (GC)

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Rapp's GC Services

General contractors oversee the day-to-day operations of a construction project. As a general contractor (GC), Rapp provides all the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the project’s construction—this typically is performed on a Cost-Plus basis with the homeowner.  Rapp’s expert builders manage the project budget, ensure quality and safety standards are met, and communicate with the project owner throughout the project’s timeline.

Difference Between General Contracting and Construction Management

Choosing between a Construction Manager (CM) and a General Contractor (GC) can shape the trajectory of your project—Rapp offers you the choice.

A CM is involved from the project’s earliest stages, providing expert guidance, managing risk, and ensuring the owner’s best interests across all aspects of the project. CM’s mostly operate on a fee-based structure.

In contrast, a GC will step in to take charge of the construction itself, shouldering the risk of delivering the project within the agreed-upon budget and timeline. They manage day-to-day site operations and subcontractor coordination, working towards profitable project completion.

All-in-One General Contracting

Rapp’s General Contracting services are designed to streamline your construction project from concept to completion. We take charge of the entire construction process, ensuring that every aspect of the build is managed with precision and efficiency.


More Construction Management and General Contracting Services

Construction Management as Agent (CM-AA)

In a CM-AA contract, Rapp serves as an advisor and manager for the project. The homeowner shares in the risk and pays all vendors and subcontractors directly. Rapp collects a lower management fee.

Construction Management at Risk (CM-AR)

As a CM-AR, Rapp assumes the majority of the risk for the project and functions as the financial manager. The homeowner pays Rapp and Rapp pays all vendors and subcontractors, in exchange for a slightly higher management fee.

Commercial General Contracting

RappCM’s commercial general contracting services manage all aspects of construction projects for offices, restaurants, and retail stores. Rapp excels in providing comprehensive solutions for unique commercial properties.

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