Construction Management at Risk (CM-AR)

Custom Home Builders in New York

Rapp's CM-AR Services

With CM-AR, Rapp assumes the project’s risk, in exchange for a higher management fee. In addition to managing the project’s time, cost, quality, and scope, Rapp acts as a financial middle ground. Under CM-AR, we directly manage project funds to ensure subcontractors complete their jobs and are paid accordingly.

CM-AR offers expert construction management for homeowners who want a builder to shoulder the project’s risk.

Risk Mitigation & Security

In CM-AR, the construction manager absorbs the financial risk in exchange for a slightly higher fee. Homeowners who choose to work with a CM-AR will receive decreased financial risk at the same level of support as a construction manager as agent (CM-AA).

Choosing Construction Management at Risk for Your Home

Rapp’s CM-AR services offer comprehensive management services and decreased risk for homeowners. When you engage Rapp for your home project, you’re trusting a team of expert custom home builders to streamline project management and deliver your dream home.


More Construction Management and General Contracting Services

Construction Management as Agent (CM-AA)

In a CM-AA contract, Rapp serves as an advisor and manager for the project. The homeowner shares in the risk and pays all vendors and subcontractors directly. Rapp collects a lower management fee.

General Contracting

As a GC, Rapp is responsible for providing all the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the project’s construction, as well as project execution. This typically is performed on a Cost-Plus basis with the homeowner.

Commercial General Contracting

RappCM’s commercial general contracting services manage all aspects of construction projects for offices, restaurants, and retail stores. Rapp excels in providing comprehensive solutions for unique commercial properties.

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