Construction Management as Agent (CM-AA)

A cozy outdoor lounge in a custom stone cottage in the Upper Hudson Valley in Chatham, NY, featuring wood-paneled walls and ceiling. Large windows frame beautiful views of the surrounding forest, and two comfortable lounge chairs invite relaxation in this serene space.

Custom Home Builders in New York

Rapp's CM-AA Services

With our CM-AA services, we serve as an advisor and manager for the project owner. Our primary responsibility is to protect the owner’s interests by managing the project’s time, cost, quality, and scope. This includes advising on cost estimation, scheduling, constructability, value engineering, overseeing contract administration, and ensuring quality control during construction.

Unlike other project delivery methods, a CM-AA does not bear the financial risk of completing the project. Instead, the focus is on offering expert management and advisory services to guide the project to successful completion.

Flexibility & Financial Control

With Rapp’s CM-AA service, you maintain complete control over the critical decisions that shape your construction project. We empower homeowners with the knowledge to make informed choices, providing a transparent view of costs and progress for a reduced management rate.

Personalized Construction Management for Your Home

For homeowners constructing their dream homes, CM-AA services offer a personalized management approach tailored to the unique needs of bespoke residential projects.  RappCM as an Agent serves as your advocate, ensuring that every aspect of your home’s construction is expertly managed while you retain most financial control.


More Construction Management and General Contracting Services

Construction Management at Risk (CM-AR)

As a CM-AR, Rapp assumes the majority of the risk for the project and functions as the financial manager. The homeowner pays Rapp and Rapp pays all vendors and subcontractors, in exchange for a slightly higher management fee.

General Contracting

As a GC, Rapp is responsible for providing all the material, labor, equipment, and services necessary for the project’s construction, as well as project execution. This typically is performed on a Cost-Plus basis with the homeowner.

Commercial General Contracting

RappCM’s commercial general contracting services manage all aspects of construction projects for offices, restaurants, and retail stores. Rapp excels in providing comprehensive solutions for unique commercial properties.

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